UPDATE: New York Department of Education, Office of Professions – Office closings & Consents 

As many may have realized, with the current environment, due to Covid-19, many state offices have been affected much as regular businesses with the need to close. The NY Department of Education has had to close their doors; however, that does not mean they are not still working! Currently they are still accepting consent requests at this time.

In our latest correspondence with the Department, they advised us that “We are trying to focus more so on the medical professionals, but you still can apply with any of the 54 professions we cover.” They claim that there should not be any significant increases in the timeline for consent; however, it should be noted that the consent process was taking between 6-8 weeks before the pandemic and we cannot say how that timeline will be affected at this time.

Further, even though they are not taking phone calls, we are regularly calling in just to be sure. Once they begin accepting calls, we will obtain time frames for the consents and advise, our potentially affected, clients right away.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

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