Corporate/LLC Kits

A Corporate Kit is a binder that contains essential items for the required maintenance and administration of a company. Once your company is formed, you must comply with corporate formalities. These formalities include holding initial and annual meetings of directors and shareholders/members, adopting bylaws/operating agreements, and issuing shares of stock/membership certificates. Accumera’s kits, included in our VALUE and PREMIUM formation packages, contain the necessary items to make complying with these formalities easy.

Our Standard Corporate/LLC Kits include:

          • 3-ring Binder with 265 sheet capacity and gold detailing
          • Pocket on inside of binder for filing loose papers, CD and business Cards
          • Clear Insertable label holder on spine with company name
          • Matching Slipcase to give a clean dust free look to your corporate kit
          • 20 Customized Stock/Membership Certificates printed on high quality paper 24 lb thickness with watermark and copy protection
          • Stock/Membership Transfer Ledger
          • Bond Paper for printing your Minutes & Bylaws/Operating Agreement
          • Special Corporate/LLC Minutes & Bylaws/Operating Agreement on CD (just fill in the blanks and print on paper provided)
          • Customized folding 1 5/8” Corporate/LLC Seal, Our seals are guaranteed for life
          • Six Position Corporate or Five Position LLC Tabs


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