Authority – Foreign Qualification

Seeking to transact business in multiple states? Accumera’s foreign qualification services can help. Whether you are getting ready to form a business, or you have an established business and are ready to expand into different states, we can prepare all registrations and obtain the required “home” state documents required to complete the authority filing. Don’t have an address in the state you are looking to register in? Don’t worry, we can provide the mandatory registered agent services.

Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and all other business entities are considered domestic only in their state of formation. In all other states, they are considered a “foreign” entity. If your company expects to transact business outside your state of formation, your company may be required to qualify as a foreign corporation or foreign LLC in the applicable state(s).

There are many factors used to determine whether a company is transacting business in a state. If your company plans to have a physical address, employees or a bank account in another state you may need to qualify there. For questions regarding your specific situation, it is best to seek the advice of an attorney or accountant.

To qualify your company to transact business in another state, you may have to apply for a certificate of good standing or certified copy from your domestic state, and you must register for a certificate of authority in the state you wish to transact business in, and pay the applicable state filing fees. Keep in mind that corporations and LLCs are subject to taxes and annual report fees in both the state of formation and any states where the company has foreign qualified.


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