UPDATE: IRS NOT Providing Phone Assistance at this Time! How Could this Affect Obtaining an EIN? 

At this time the IRS is not taking any phone calls for assistance with your EIN application or otherwise. They state that they are “unable to provide live assistance due to reduced staff levels. The good news is that their self-service tools are still available. 

What this means for you? 

Currently EIN’s can still be obtained at this time, for those who can file online. However, if you in those rare situations, you need to fax file for your EIN we will not be able to obtain them in the standard 5-10 business days. Unfortunatelywe cannot provide a time frame for how long these fax requested EIN’s might take. 

Some reasons you might have to Fax file for an EIN: 

  • Company has a Financial year end date other than 12/31. 
  • Responsible party does not have a Social Security Number or ITIN. 
  • An error occurs while online filing and you are unable to continue using that method (there are any number of reasons this could happen, sometimes the name is simply too close to another company in the US that has previously obtained an EIN). 
  • The Entity applying has a foreign address. 

For further updates you can go directly to www.irs.gov for latest information. Please don’t hesitate to Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. 

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