UCC and Related Services

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and lien related requests require knowledge, speed, and accuracy. Accumera provides UCC and lien searching and filing services throughout the U.S. Our network of agents and correspondents possess the local expertise to insure your requests are completed accurately and timely.

UCC Filing Services

UCC financing statements are filed by a creditor and submitted to state and/or local offices to perfect the creditor’s security interest in specific assets specified on the UCC filing.
Avoid costly and delays for improperly filed UCC filings and let us submit your financing statements.

UCC Search Services


A UCC search provides a listing from the public record, of UCC Financing Statements filed by creditors to perfect their security interest by giving notice to the public.
When a UCC search is requested, the purpose is to uncover a possible list of these creditors/lessors and to view the collateral and assets previously promised, thus creating the lien.
Whether it is a New York State UCC search request or a complete nationwide search, Accumera will manage the process and return the evidence quickly.

State & Federal Court Searches


Due diligence searching requires specific knowledge of each jurisdiction’s state and local offices, court system and other public record locations such as Federal courts and offices. As part of your search request, Accumera will utilize our nationwide network of agents to obtain state & federal tax liens, pending civil suits, civil judgments, and judgment liens, from U.S. District Courts and U.S. Courts of Appeal.
We do more than just retrieve information; we have the network and the knowledge to help you obtain what you need to perform impeccable due diligence.

Bankruptcy Searches


Bankruptcy searches can be done quickly and easily. Whether you need just the docket, the complaint or more information, we can help.

Real Estate Services


Often, a real estate search is required as part of the due diligence process. Accumera can obtain real property searches as part of your request. Ask us how and let’s talk about what you need!

Still unsure?


No worries. We can help! Contact us and let us manage your single requests or large projects. We will provide updates on your requests, detailed billing, and turnaround time information so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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