FAQ's: General

In what state should I organize my business?

While you are not required to form your company in the state were you are physically located it is usually the choice for many companies. Some things to take into consideration are, state taxes, annual report filing requirements and residency requirements. Further, if you decide to organize in a state other than where you reside you may be required to file an authority to conduct business into your home state if you are transacting business there. For instance, if you organize your company in DE but are located in another state you will more than likely have to file an authority to conduct business in your home state in order to open a bank account and comply with tax requirements. So, you will be paying to keep the company active in both states when you may only be conducting business in your home state. While the benefits (lower formation costs, no/low state taxes, low annual registration fees) of organizing in another state may seem attractive, the costs of operating your company from another state may outweigh them. Often it is the best decision to open your company in the state where you reside unless otherwise advised by an attorney or accountant.

How do I start the incorporation/registration process?

When you are ready to form your new company you can start the process in one of two ways. 1) Place an order using our online ordering system 2) Complete a .pdf order form, found on our order form page, and email/fax/mail it to us. Call us with any questions 888-467-1289.

How long will it take to form my company?

Once we have your order details and payment we will proceed with the registration process and submission for filing within 24 hours. Then it depends on whether your filing is filed expedited or routine and the filing times with the various state offices. You can download and view the current filing times here.

What is "expedited filing" service?

When Accumera LLC refers to expedited filing we are referring to the fee, in addition to the formation filing fee, charged by the Secretary of State in order to rush the filing of your new company. Where applicable, our "Value", "Premium" and "International" packages all include this service fee in order to provide you with the fastest formation times possible.

Is "expedited filing" available in all states?

No, not all states provide the choice of paying an additional fee to expedite the filing of your new company. However, Accumera will submit your filing in the fastest way possible, whether it be by filing electronically, faxing, or courier shipping your filing to/from the Secretary of State.

Do I need to sign anything?

In most cases you will not be required to sign anything in order for us to file your new company. However, some states do require the signature of the company owners or the registered agent. If required we will email the documents to you for review and signature along with instructions on how to return them to us. In most cases you can return the signed document via e-mail or fax however, some states still require original signatures.

What is the mandatory publication requirement?

Some states, such as Arizona (Corp’s & LLC’s), Georgia (Corp’s only), Nebraska (Corp’s & LLC’s), New York (LLC’s only) and Pennsylvania (Corp’s only) require that new companies run notice of formation in local newspapers after the company is formed. Accumera will prepare and run the associated notices for you, file them as necessary and provide proof of publication when complete.Contact us for more information on the publication process in your state.

What is a Corporate/LLC Kit?

A Corporate/LLC Kit is a binder that contains essential items for the required maintenance and administration of a company.

What is a Corporate/LLC Seal?

A Corporate/LLC Seal is a professional stamp embossed with the name of your company, the date your company was formed, and the State in which your company is formed.

Do I need an attorney to incorporate/form my company?

You are not required to obtain the assistance of an attorney to form your new company. Accumera will prepare your filing as required by laws of the jurisdiction where it is being registered and file all of the required paperwork for you. We do advise that you speak to the appropriate legal and accounting advisers to confirm the entity type and state of formation that is best for your needs.

Can Accumera LLC help me with annual report filings?

Yes, Accumera can assist with the completion and filing of your required annual reports. Further, when you use Accumera as your registered agent we will provide you with free annual report email reminders to ensure that your reports are filed on time. Contact us now for additional information.