Legal Notices

When required by law some companies are required to publish notice of formation in local newspapers. Publication is required in various forms in New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nebraska, Georgia and Nevada.

When forming a new company Accumera will assist with the entire publication process. This includes, designating the required newspapers, preparing the text of the legal notice, submitting to the newspapers. disbursing all costs, obtaining affidavits of publication and filing with the Department of State.

Most notably New York LLC’s have a costly and lengthy publication process. For this reason Accumera provides a special NY LLC publication package whereby we will list our Albany, NY address as the Service of Process address and list Albany as the county of formation. Once your mandatory publication has run, and the affidavits of publication are filed with the NY Department of State, we will file an address change to list your new address and county with the NY Department of State.

Contact us now to find out about this offer which can save you up to $1300 on your New York LLC company formation.