Document Retrieval

From time to time, your company will need to obtain documents from the state for financial or legal transactions. Many times, you need them quickly.

Accumera is here to help. Whether it is a certificate of existence or a request for plain or certified copies our nationwide network can obtain them quickly and easily.

Good Standing Certificates

A certificate of good standing (also known as a certificate of existence or certificate of authorization) is a document issued by a state official as conclusive evidence that an entity is in existence or authorized to transact business in the state and is in compliance with all state-required formalities.

The Certificate of Good Standing generally sets forth the entity’s name and states it is duly incorporated/organized and authorized is to transact business in that state. Some states address fees, taxes and/or any applicable penalties owed to the state and further, that they have been paid. In addition, the certificate may also note that the company’s most recent annual report has been filed; and that articles of dissolution for the company have not been filed.

Certified or Plain Copies

Some business owners wish to have a certified copy of their formation documents or any amendments thereto. A certified copy is a true and exact copy of your company’s formation or other state filed document as issued by the state of formation.

Certificates of existence and certified copies are mostly needed to qualify your company to transact business into another state and to open bank accounts.

Keeping the originals of your formation documents, or any other state-filed documents, with your company records is important. If the original(s) are ever lost or misplaced, they cannot be reproduced.

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