About Us

Who we are:
Headquartered in Albany, NY, Accumera provides corporate formations, business maintenance and a broad spectrum of document retrieval services, Registered Agent and UCC services in all 50 States and the District of Columbia. We assist small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide by providing fast, reliable and personal services. At Accumera our clients are not just a number… We promise to provide the services to get your business up and running so you can grow your business into a success.

Our Mission:
It is our belief that the foundation of our company goes beyond the mission statement. It speaks directly to the team of employees. Our people believe in client commitment and superior customer service and they follow through on it. Our mission statement is simple, “Accumera LLC is committed to providing our clients with the most expeditious, accurate and personal company formation and administration services possible.”
This equates to a dedication and company commitment to both ourselves and our clients. When we receive client requests, an actual person responds to you right away. The request is reviewed to make sure that we have everything we need to fulfill the request without delay. We understand your business and the expeditious manner in which you expect your requests to be completed.

Let’s get started:
If you are looking to form a new entity, obtain a business license or manage a multi-state lien and litigation search, we would love to help. Experience customer service at its best and let us manage the web of jurisdictional requirements and turnaround times for you!