Business Licensing

Something that is often overlooked in the process of starting your business is the requirement that there may be licenses and permits necessary for you to conduct business on a federal, state, or local (city, county, or town) level. The importance of knowing the business license requirements that are associated with your venture can be significant.

Certain types of businesses, such as restaurants, construction companies, online businesses or even home-based businesses may have requirements which are particularly important to understand, however, you may be unfamiliar with. Requirements can range from a basic business license to operate within a city or county, to a specific permit to sell alcohol or lottery tickets for example.

Business License Searches and Filings

Accumera provides customized business license research packages, based on your activities, to determine the correlating necessary licenses required within each state where you are conducting business. The search results generated will answer the following questions:

  • What licenses are required at the state level?
  • What licenses are required at the county level?
  • What licenses/registrations are required at the municipal level?
  • What are the forms, processes and costs to obtain the required licenses?

When the search is completed you will receive a comprehensive License Research Package in electronic form, with all necessary application forms, state fees, and filing instructions.

After reviewing the package, you can choose to proceed with the required applications and file directly with the associated department or request that Accumera assist with preparation and filing of the specific applications.

Annual Reminders

Business licensing is a requirement for most companies and should be maintained to keep your company active and limited liability intact. For instance, professional companies (PC’s and PLLC’s) are required to maintain a license with most states department of professional licensing. These licenses are normally renewed on a yearly basis but some last 3 or even 5 years. Further, some states require that an annual business license be maintained for any business to be conducted in that state.

For instance, Nevada requires that a business license be filed each year for any company registered with the Nevada Secretary of State. Requirements vary from state to state.

No Problem. We can help! Contact us and let us map out for you the services we offer to keep your entity complaint and insure your license remains active through our monitoring service. No worries!

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