New Client Portal Launch – User Access

As the clock winds down for the launch of our Client Account Login we want to delve a little deeper into a portion of what this will offer you. In our last message we gave you a broad overview of things to expect with your new found access. Today we outline how the different user levels logins help control the access of your business(es) sensitive data.

For the first time you will have a convenient 24/7 gateway to your corporate documents, filing evidence, registered agent services (RA) and licensing tracking. We can set who has access to those documents and services. Whether you are a large CPA/Law firm and will have multiple individuals as admins and standard users or will simply have yourself and one other individual utilizing the account, we can set it so a User can only access items for specific company filings, documents and services or be set up as an Admin which will allow access for all orders and services on the account. The goal is security & privacy, with ease of access, as makes sense for your company.

As we get closer to the launch date, we will begin to provide short videos showing what this access will look like and some how to’s as well. As always, we will be available to help you with any service or simply to guide you through any questions or needs you may have.

Remember to keep an eye out as we continue to showcase our client portal’s benefits with this blog post series. If you haven’t already, visit our website and sign up for Blog Updates.

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