New Client Portal Launch – How Will I Get My Documents?

Going forward, from launch, you will be notified when your documents are ready to be viewed and downloaded. This adds new levels of security for the handling of your sensitive business documents and data.

Notification that your documents are ready for access will come via email. Within the email you will find links to your documents. By clicking the links, you will be directed to the Accumera Account Login page where you can sign in and view the documents available.

Sample Document Notification Email:

Thank you for using Accumera LLC as your corporate service provider.

We are pleased to confirm that new documents are available to download for SAMPLE ORDER – Order Type: Authority (Foreign Registration) – Order Number: 55555 – Customer Reference #1234567. Please use the links below to access copies of your documents.

Document Description (click to login and download from portal)

      • Sample Document 1
      • Sample Document 2
      • Sample Document 3

Once you have logged in and viewed your documents and order information you will be able to download at any time; whether it’s as soon as you receive them or later on when you need access to a particular document right then. Original documents will still be shipped or mailed to you where/when required.

Remember to keep an eye out as we continue to showcase our client portal’s benefits with this blog post series. If you haven’t already, visit our website and sign up for Blog Updates.

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