Nevada News – 2013 Legislative Changes

Effective October 1, 2013, the following changes will be in effect in Nevada.

Signature Requirements – Most Secretary of State Commercial Recordings forms will require the signature of an officer or some other person specifically authorized by the entity (board) to sign the document.

Initial and Annual Lists – Will require new forms that will no longer contain registered agent information, but will contain new disclaimer language regarding the fraudulent naming or officers.

Reinstatements and Revivals – Will require an additional form with declarations under penalty of perjury that the reinstatement has been duly authorized:

•             By a court of competent jurisdiction, or

•             By the duly authorized board of directors, or if none, the equivalent of such board.

Foreign Entity Qualifications – Foreign entities will no longer be required to furnish a certificate of good standing from their home states. Instead, the foreign qualification form will require a declaration:

•             Of the existence of the entity and the name of the jurisdiction of its creation, and

•             That the entity is in good- standing in the jurisdiction of its creation

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