State Office Openings Impacted by Protests

Due to the current situation resulting in protests throughout the US, many state offices, that were scheduled to open, will now remain closed. While electronic services remain available, paper filings cannot be submitted when the offices are closed.  It should be noted that, some state offices have staff now working remotely to process orders previously delivered.

  • AZ SOS has re-opened.
  • CA SOS – Sacramento – has re-opened. Expedited services remain suspended.
  • CA SOS – Los Angeles – remains closed.
  • OH SOS closed until Thursday, June 4.
  • TX SOS has re-opened but is closing at 2:30 on 6/3 and will likely be closed on 6/4 due to scheduled rallies.

We will be sure to keep you updated as the situation unfolds. For other state filings statuses and closings please continue to follow our “Covid-19 Jurisdiction Updates” Page:


Source: “State offices impacted by protests and civil unrest.” National Public Records Research Association (NPRRA), 2020.

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