Coming Soon!! – New Client Access Portal

Need Immediate Access to Your Orders and Documents? It’s Coming Soon!

Accumera strives to deliver better service to our clients while providing greater security and access for client documents. We have been working hard developing an online secure Client Access Portal for clients to be able to view and download all evidence of filings, searches, licenses and obtained documents.

The portal will be available 24/7 for access to document retrieval, filing evidence and search results. There will be no need to wait for office hours to obtain your results. Simply log into your account for immediate access any time of day or night.

What will the Client Portal mean for you?

  • New levels of security for sensitive documents.
  • Immediate access to your company documents for all new and in process orders.
  • View your registered agent details for all companies where Accumera is your agent.
  • View and track all business licensing entities and orders entities.
  • The ability to update your contact details for your entities and accounts.
  • Admin & standard user access to control login to sensitive data.

We will be showcasing our portal’s benefits in a series of blog posts. Click the following link to sign up for Blog Updates.

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